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At Digitalent, we are passionate about our people. We value technical competence highly, we are thoughtful and caring and we inspire one another. The core of our business is to help people grow. We build an environment where we thrive and develop together by sharing knowledge and supporting the person next to us. We know that this mindset creates great results for any business, and we enjoy the work we do because of who we are. Read more about our journey and get to know our Digitalent team!

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As a company within the AW Group, Digitalent is a part of a strong and unique offering. Academic Work is the home of young professionals, AW Academy educates IT competence through accelerated learning, and Digitalent has the technical experience and leadership skills to coach and guide them into productive and competent teams. With us as a partner, you can grow your in-house competence while getting access to the expertise you need to excel on your digital journey.

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We started in a basement in Stockholm, Sweden with an idea and a vision. Two driven entrepreneurs and a brave investor set out to create sustainable talent growth. As a part of a start-up incubator we began to build our future based on great people.

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The idea shaped into a clear business model as our talent projects entered the market. With coaching, leadership and a high level of technical competence, we helped our clients build knowledgeable development teams with an agile mindset. And we had a lot of fun doing it!


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As we continue to grow, we developed products and services within multiple industries and with different scopes. Digitalent was ranked as the fastest-growing consultancy firm in Sweden, and at the end of 2019 we numbered 50 colleagues with high levels of engagement and a focus on making our clients and our business grow.

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Our dream of expanding internationally came to fruition with our first office outside of Sweden, and Digitalent Finland was launched! A new market with new exciting opportunities ahead. In Sweden we entered more partnerships than ever. We refocused our strategy and adapted our operation to stay relevant in a challenging business climate. We are still committed to staying ahead of the industry and delivering quality over time.


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This is us

En bild på Lina Ullman

Lina Ullman

Managing Director
En bild på Jonatan Lidström

Jonatan Lidström

Managing Director
Bild på Linnea Börjesson

Linnea Börjesson

People & Growth
En bild på Erik Bleckhorns

Erik Bleckhorns

Chief Technology Officer
En bild på Christoffer Bridholm

Christoffer Bridholm

Account Manager
En bild på Rasmus Langvad

Rasmus Langvad

Frontend Developer & Team Lead
En bild på Christofer Österberg

Christofer Österberg

Fullstack Developer & Team Lead
En bild på Åsa Söderbaum

Åsa Söderbaum

Account Manager
En bild på Daniel Tibbing

Daniel Tibbing

Frontend Developer
En bild på Sofie Pettersson

Sofie Pettersson

People & Operations
En bild på Mats Larsson

Mats Larsson

Data Analyst
En bild på Jonas Lundmark

Jonas Lundmark

People & Development
En bild på Lina Jonsson

Lina Jonsson

Fullstack Developer
En bild på Martin Söderberg

Martin Söderberg

Fullstack Developer & Team Lead
En bild på Josefin Fröberg

Josefin Fröberg

Frontend & Digital Designer
En bild på Gustav Stensson

Gustav Stensson

Fullstack Developer
En bild på Kimmo Salmenranta

Kimmo Salmenranta

QA & Test Lead
En bild på Isa Lundgren

Isa Lundgren

Product Owner
En bild på Daniel Nilsson

Daniel Nilsson

BI Developer & Team Lead
En bild på Tomas Majling

Tomas Majling

Backend Developer
En bild på Christine Skoglycke

Christine Skoglycke

Frontend Developer
En bild på Andrew Crookston

Andrew Crookston

Mobile/Fullstack Developer & Team Lead
En bild på Eric Schumertl

Johan Ersvik

Backend Developer & Product Owner
En bild på Eric Schumertl

Siddy Persson

Data Scientist

Julius Larsson

Fullstack Developer

Patrik Asklind

Fullstack Developer

Sandra Rudh

Project Manager

Anna Holm

UX & UI Designer

Beate Sundin Trollvik

Team Lead

Felix Backelin

Fullstack Developer

Jens Lycke

Backend Developer

Lovisa Spångberg

Frontend Developer

Martin Lunnegård

Frontend Developer

Martin Moe

Frontend Developer

Sara Hedberg

Data Scientist & Data Analyst

En bild på Jonatan Lidström

Maiju Virta

Talent Relations Manager
Bild på Linnea Börjesson

Aleksanteri Negru-Vode

Senior Lead Consultant

Inka Teräväinen

Marketing Manager
Bild på Linnea Börjesson

Tommi Teräsvirta

Senior Consultant
En bild på Jonatan Lidström

Matti Lehtinen

Talent Relations Manager

Anttijuhani Lantto

Senior Consultant