Talent Projects

The young professionals that you aim to keep long term will be teamed up with senior consultants from Digitalent. We have coaching experience and deep technical understanding. By a coaching method consisting of pair and mob programming, development conversations, code review and training sessions, your junior developers will quickly get up to speed and at the same time integrated with the other parts of your business.

Digitalent consultants are passionate about leadership and making people grow. This is a core part of our business. With us as a partner you can grow your in-house competence and at the same time get access to the expertise you need to excel in your digital journey.

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Digitalent is incredibly skilled at recruiting the right people. You have a recruitment process where you get the right developers who are also very skilled socially. They enter a team that is good and make it even better or they can also enter a worse team and make it good. They have the energy and the will to achieve something great that I do not see with so many other consultancy firms.

Michael Hagberg
Dahl Sverige