We are defined by our people. To that end, we are organized into groups based on different skills and expertise – we call these groups “crowds”. Each crowd hosts a series of different workshops, presentations or coding sessions, all with a focus on competence development and learning. We are accountable for the growth of our surroundings, and we strive to reach new levels together. We know that experience and knowledge are not stand-alone entities – when shared, they are multiplied.

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We are passionate about development – it is the reason for our existence. Filled with skilled developers with a feel for quality, our crowds are organized into three different groups: backend, frontend and mobile. All have experience from a wide range of industries including medtech, finance, streaming and ecommerce. We take on roles as team leads, tech leads or developers. Some of us are fullstack developers and some are specialists – what we all have in common is our passion for code and the strong desire to solve problems.

  • Frontend Development

    Our frontend crowd has a vast range of experience that covers all aspects of modern web development. We are constantly working together on frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular and Svelte and we focus on design and design principles, discussing topics such as accessibility, atomic design and BEM.

    We develop new ways of working, with great code structures and workflows as result. Together with our UX and UI crowds, we find common topics, discussing application structure, component libraries in different frameworks and how we can optimize them for maintainability in an ever-changing landscape.

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  • Backend Development

    Our backend crowd focuses on developing competence and staying relevant within the full scope of backend development. We explore the latest trends and tech news within modern frameworks and learn from each other, and we have collected experience from multiple languages such as Java, C#, C++ and Python, as well as backend frameworks using Javascript. We also keep up-to-date with what happens in the development community and facilitate workshops on cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. This crowd loves to deepen its knowledge of everything from algorithms to AI and machine learning.

  • Mobile Development

    Our mobile crowd works with modern app technologies and frameworks, and we have experience working with several platforms like iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter. We have worked on everything from simpler applications to more complex service architectures and apps with accompanying extensions like wearables and TV. We spend our time exploring new technologies within app development, discussing different design patterns and diving into best practices for user experience and interactions.

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UX/UI Design

Start with the experience, and the rest will follow. We believe a great user experience comes from smart research, thorough interviews and detailed design. Our UX/UI crowd has experience from a wide range of projects using different methods and processes. We drive the agile mindset of teams or projects and expand the creative space to think differently.

  • UX Design

    In our UX design projects, we analyze the needs of end users first, and we then use these insights, together with business goals and technical prerequisites to create strategic and smart solutions. We drive and support interviews, observations and usability testing, and we enjoy facilitating workshops. This is the foundation that we use when designing prototypes and creating solutions that exceeds expectations. With our broad experience and different technical set-ups, we onboard and adapt fast to start up or join in on a project as effectively as possible.

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  • UI Design

    Our UI Designers are experts in making colors and shapes take on the right digital expression. We design products in a modern and creative way that communicate the message of your brand in the best way possible. We bring forth UI kits for Sketch or Adobe XD and Design system with color palettes, typographical guidelines and iconography. Exceptional results lie in the details.

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We know that data drives businesses, so we manage data at all levels and in different scopes. Our data crowd has experienced BI consultants, data scientists and data engineers, working both in teams and independently. Regardless of the industry or project, we care about achieving results and ensuring the use of accurate data to help businesses excel.

  • Business Intelligence

    We focus on finding ways to gain business insights and value by organizing and structuring data from one or multiple sources. We work with stakeholders to find the best questions to ask to ensure we find the right answers. We master exploratory analysis, detailed reports and smart dashboards. Our main expertise is within the Microsoft BI suite, QlikView, Looker and Google Data Studio.

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  • Data Science

    We use an array of methods to answer business questions to better understand the behavior of users and the occurrence of events related to your business goals. Advanced algorithms and deep dives into complex patterns in your data help you realize hidden value. Using tools such as Python, R, and SQL, we apply data analytics and machine learning in areas like classification analysis, regression analysis, anomaly detection and more.

  • Data Engineering

    Our data engineers have experience in all the main cloud structures including Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. We build big data platforms and extensive data pipelines, with a focus on modern platforms and techniques such as Airflow, Python, Spark, Apache and Kubernetes. We continuously develop ourselves to reach higher levels.

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IT Management

With agile project managers, product owners and coaches, we lead with the people around us. We manage projects and develop products with a flexible mindset and high level of quality in a range of different industries, including ecommerce, media and tech. This crowd helps your project to excel, with a focus on the people and culture around it.

  • Product Ownership

    We are constantly seeking to improve our ability to identify pain points as we develop our leadership abilities and deliver quality solutions faster for our customers. We work in an using methods such as Scrum, Kanban or SAFe, and we know how complex software development can be.
    We have a broad customer group and can share our experiences from across different industries. We learn from each other to become more efficient at understanding customers, businesses, markets, users and company needs.

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  • Project Management

    Our agile project managers support the entire process, from pre-study to release and maintenance, using modern methods such as Lean, Prince2 and PMI. Our crowd has built a solid portfolio of different methods and workshops to deliver. We are experts at leading a digital journey and implementing new ways of working to ensure success.