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Staying put has taken him a long way

Full stack developer Julius Larsson is currently working with Dahl – Sweden's leading plumbing wholesaler. Apart from the first two months, he has been working with the same client since he started at Digitalent a year and a half ago. But in terms of personal development, he has made a lot of moves.

Julius Larsson began working for Digitalent in March 2020 – a rather special time to start a new job. Due to Covid-19, he has worked from home ever since the beginning. Well, for the most part.

“I had been working here for a week when the pandemic really hit Sweden. So, I just had time to get to know my way around the office, and to meet my colleagues face to face, which felt good.”

Socializing at a distance

Being far away from his colleagues has not been a major challenge for Julius, who’s very much used to online collaboration.

“From a pure work perspective, I think that remote working has been great. Collaborating with developers in different geographic locations is nothing new to me. Of course, I miss the everyday interaction that you get in an office, but Digitalent is good at arranging digital activities. In that area, I feel that we as a company are very progressive.”

As an example of what kind of digital activities Digitalent organizes, Julius mentions his Crowd. At Digitalent, a Crowd is a group based on skills and expertise. Within your Crowd, you have a mentor and access to everyday support from your colleagues. And Julius Larsson is part of the Back-end Crowd.

“My Crowd hosts digital meetings for knowledge exchange on a regular basis. Someone might give a presentation about an area they know well, followed by a bit of casual conversation. The Crowd is just a really neat thing. It’s a group of people you can turn to with work-related questions but also just for the company. I think it’s really rewarding.”

According to Julius, meeting digitally with his colleagues at Dahl has also worked well, although it has been a slightly different experience.

“With Dahl, it's more about the daily work. For example, hanging out in Teams when we pair program together. We try to have open conversations in Teams that you can join regardless of if you work together or not. It’s an approach we are recently testing that I really appreciate.”

Julius’ technical journey

Julius began working as a consultant after taking his university degree in 2015. In the first years, he worked mainly with front-end development. Then came a period when he was more involved with back-end, and today, he considers himself a full stack developer.

“My journey from front-end to back-end – and lastly to full stack – actually started already when I was with my previous employer. But one thing that has changed significantly during my time with Digitalent is that I feel much more confident when it comes to my own technical skills.”

According to Julius, he has developed on several levels over the past year and a half.

“Since I started at Digitalent, I have had the chance to try many new things, which has been very instructive. For example, I have had the opportunity to work with the JavaScript framework Vue.js, programming languages like TypeScript and NoSQL databases. I have also participated a lot more in discussions on technical architecture, which has been very developing.”

Venturing on this technical exploration journey has not only taught Julius a lot, it has also given his self-confidence a decisive boost.

“Being able to decide which solution is best for a specific project and motivate why another solution is less suitable ... It simply requires experience. Today, I am much more skilled at weighing different alternatives against each other, which means that I can give better advice as a consultant. In turn, this has increased my confidence in myself. When you try something new and succeed, you not only broaden your knowledge, you also build up a sense of security and courage in trying more new things.”

Julius appreciates the opportunities his current employer has given him to develop within his field.

“I am very pleased with how Digitalent has listened to me when it comes to what I want to do and in which direction I want to develop. Since I am fairly new to the industry, my goals have been a lot about broadening my knowledge and trying out a wider range of techniques. It makes me happy that I’ve been able to do that.”

“My first impressions proved to be true”

The possibility to broaden his knowledge and develop was actually the reason why Julius started working for Digitalent in the first place.

“When Digitalent reached out to me, I immediately felt that it was a good match. I'm very curious about technology and it sounded like they were too. My feeling was that Digitalent is really passionate about giving you the opportunity to develop – and that the employees support each other in this. It sounded very exciting, and my first impressions proved to be true. I really enjoy my job!”

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