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Driven by the ambition to improve

Daniel Nilsson joined Digitalent in 2017, only months after the company was founded. With some years of experience in the industry, he wanted to be part of starting something new. Today, he’s a lead consultant and continues to help shape the company as it evolves.

Since spring 2021, Daniel Nilsson has been team lead for the data and analysis team at the travel company TUI. His responsibilities include guiding the team’s day-to-day and ensuring everything is delivered on time. Most of his assignments at Digitalent have to some extent involved leadership.

“I don’t consider myself a technical expert whose job is to solve the most difficult tasks in an optimal way. My strength is rather to see the big picture and work close to operations. Talking tech with the operations people and operations with the tech people, if you know what I mean. That's the kind of role I prefer."

An offer he couldn't refuse

Ever since he started in October 2017, just a few months after the company was founded, Daniel has been part of shaping Digitalent. When presented with the opportunity to be involved in building an agency from the ground up, he didn’t hesitate in accepting.

“After a couple of years in the consulting industry, I had identified some opportunities for improvement. So, I was very happy to get the chance to contribute with my experience and perspective. I also felt at once that we had a fun and exciting journey ahead of us when I heard what Digitalent had planned for the future.”

Today, Daniel can confirm that the impression he got on that first job interview was correct. And he is still involved in the company’s decision-making.

“Overall, we have a very flat and non-hierarchical organizational structure. And the response to my ideas has mainly been positive. Among other things, I feel that I’ve contributed to building a company that really cares about its employees. Many employers tend to lose that perspective during a growth phase, and in my experience growing sustainably is better for everyone involved.”

Balancing patience and determination

In his early days working for Digitalent, Daniel was involved in developing the model for the company’s internal consultant ladder. He currently holds the title lead consultant, which he explains in the following words.

“My role is defined by the fact that you are ready to take responsibility for your Crowd*, that you strive to help the Crowd grow in our different business areas, like recruitment and sales. You are also expected to be a supportive colleague and mentor for junior consultants.”

As a lead consultant, Daniel is constantly working on developing his leadership skills. One of the abilities he has been focusing on lately is patience.

“As a leader, it is important to adapt your own and the team's expectations to the differences of the individuals you’re working with. You need to be able to read the situation and make sure not to expect too much or too little from anyone. This requires a lot of patience, which I have worked consciously on.”

According to Daniel, Digitalent has been very supportive when it comes to career development.

“My consultant manager is actually an excellent sounding board when it comes to discussing leadership issues. On the whole, I feel that Digitalent has always been there to support me in my individual development – as a consultant and a leader."

The perks of mentorship

When you start working as a junior consultant at Digitalent, you are suggested a mentor. The mentor is a senior person who is specially selected to be able to support you in your development and your everyday work – and Daniel is one of them.

In order to grow and develop as a consultant, Daniel thinks it is valuable to have access to expert help from someone who has already gone through what you are experiencing.

“Your mentor is someone you can turn to with questions about, for example, consultantship in general, or if you need help in a more specific work situation. We who have experience of the profession and thus have been in the same situations have the opportunity to provide a different kind of support than, for example, HR and your immediate manager.”

The mentor program at Digitalent has now been up and running for two years and involves, among other things, regular reconciliation meetings. But the mentor should also be available between these meetings if there are issues that need to be resolved at shorter notice.

“Being a mentor obviously requires some time and commitment. But something I really appreciate about Digitalent is that you are not expected to sacrifice your free time to take on this type of responsibility. From a certain level of seniority, each consultant has a number of hours that are earmarked for development and coaching.”

Any final words, Daniel?

“Well, after four years, I have to say that my impression of Digitalent as an employer is completely positive. When I think about it, I have not been close to staying at a company this long before … I guess that sums it up pretty well!”

*At Digitalent, a Crowd is a group based on skills and expertise. Each Crowd hosts a series of workshops, presentations, or coding sessions – always with a focus on learning. Within your Crowd, you also have a mentor and access to everyday support from your colleagues.

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