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Digitalent Client Case Study: Birds Relations

Digitalent Client Case Study: Birds Relations

Birds Relations is an exciting new start-up creating a relationship app that empower couples with the tools and knowledge needed to proactively strengthen and deepen their relationship. The couple starts by answering questions on how they perceive different aspects of the relationship and end up with a relationship temperature score. They are then guided through tailored exercises that enables them to reconnect, understand each other’s needs better and to increase the romance in their lives.

When Birds Managing Director, Sofia Brandt, explained the business idea to her friend Isa Cederberg, she excitedly joined the founding team as Head of Marketing & Development. Isa – an experienced product manager at Digitalent – now splits her time between her roles at Digitalent and Birds Relations.

As the business began to take shape and the team was ready for the app development to start, the team evaluated different strategies on how to require the relevant skills and competences needed.

“We knew that the breadth of knowledge we got from Digitalent would be hard to replace with a single developer, which was our other alternative from a cost-efficiency perspective. We didn’t know in the beginning which architecture would best suit us or how the tech stack should look. Having access to the entire Digitalent network, even beyond the consultants we hired, was really valuable for us in this early stage,” Sofia emphasizes.

Building together from the ground up

One area in which Digitalent differentiates itself is by offering consultants who can build competencies within a client’s organization. Consultants possess the practical skills, leadership and mentorship abilities to help shape an internal team. This makes Digitalent a valuable partner for both start-ups and established businesses undergoing expansion.

“We could start out with a Digitalent consultant as a senior developer and then phase in junior developers. We wanted, primarily, to recruit. But we know how incredibly difficult it is to attract tech talents. Therefore, it’s extremely valuable that we can access Academic Work’s entire talent pool thru the partnership with Digitalent,” Isa says.

“We also really appreciated the fact that Digitalent consultants are interested in getting involved early in the product development process and being part in shaping, influencing and having a wider scope of the product,” she continues.

“Digitalent has made the effort to really understand the business and wanted to be a part of its development, not just offer technical solutions,” Sofia explains.

A part of the team

Having a constant and open dialogue throughout the development process is a vital way in which Digitalent consultants ensure they were aligned with the business’ goals. They worked closely with the rest of the team at Birds, adapting to their working style and internal culture to – together – achieve the best result.

“From the beginning, Digitalent has been more of a partner than just a contractor for developers. Even during the selection process when we were matched with consultants who were especially interested in our product. You get so much better results when you are working with people who are excited by what they are doing and the product itself,” Sofia says.

“Digitalent is a part of our team. We have product meetings together, we make decisions together, we make prioritizations together,” Isa explains. “It isn’t just important to have people with the right competencies or even an interest in the product. We need people who work well together and trust each other”.

A lasting contribution

Birds Relations app launched in the end of June 2021. The first MVP version of the app was developed and released within only three months. The team consisted of one full time frontend developer/UI designer and a part time fullstack developer.

While standing at the precipice of one of the most exciting steps in their start-up journey, Sofia reflects back on her experience working with Digitalent. “Deciding to work with Digitalent was an important decision and it has turned out really well. We realized how important it was to partner with the right firm. Looking back, the decisions on site architecture and the rest have proven to work well. So, we are very happy.”

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