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Digitalent Client Case Study: Aller Media

Digitalent Client Case Study: Aller Media

Aller Media is one of the biggest players in Swedish media. With a market share about 50 %, Aller Media hold some of the biggest brands in Swedish and Nordic media such as ELLE, MåBra, Hänt, Femina and Residence. But as the media landscape evolves, Aller Media is working to increase its digital offering.

“We were facing a challenge where we were about to transform the way we were working with digital development. We had a very small pool of people in house. Therefore, we were lacking the strong product ownership and transformational skills we needed. So we turned to the consultancy market for help,” explains Sofie Perslow, CTO at Aller Media.

More than IT consultants, a part of the team

Aller Media undertook an extensive search to find the right consultancy firm. But there was one area in particular where Sofie felt Digitalent set itself apart: “It was the people! We met a fantastic team of one Sales and Business Developer and one Product Owner, and we liked them from the first minute. They were not at all like the other consultants we had met before; they were more interested in us. They were very to the point but also very likeable people.

Digitalent consultants worked diligently to understand not only Aller Media’s business needs but their culture and values as well, in order to build a true collaboration. “They were very ambitious, were a great fit with the team and contributed with a lot of great competence and energy,” Sofie says.

In addition to their work as product owners, the Digitalent consultants assisted with project management and Agile coaching. “I would say that the two Product Owners we contracted from Digitalent contributed a lot to the successful transformation of working processes and to us now having a stable and well-oiled agile program,” Sofie says. “They kick-started the product centric development together with us, and that helped us start the journey towards reaching our product KPIs.”

Digitalent takes a holistic approach to help companies achieve their overall business goals. Consultants bring not only a high level of competence, leadership and technical skills but also a high level of passion, engagement and commitment.

“I think we learned that there are consultancy firms that fit better with our companythan others, and that it is worth looking for the best match. It was great to see how well the consultants blended into the team, and that will make us pickier in choosing who we work with in the future,” Sofie reflects.

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