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Designing her career through Crowds and conversation

Ever since high school, design has been one of Josefin Fröberg’s biggest interests. And after years of working as a developer, she began to feel the need for change. Now a senior consultant at Digitalent, she is designing for one of the major companies in the Swedish media landscape.

Josefin Fröberg’s LinkedIn bio states that her passion is delivering pixel-perfect design and awesome user experiences. Being a UX Designer, that's basically what she does for a living.

If you are not familiar with the term UX, it stands for user experience. UX design focuses on the interaction between users and everyday products and services, such as websites, apps, et cetera. It’s a discipline that combines aspects of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology.

In her role as a UX designer, Josefin makes sure that our client's products are designed with the user in mind. For about a year now, she has been working with magazine publisher Aller Media – one of the bigger players in the Swedish media landscape, holding a market share of roughly 50 percent.

“I am currently involved in three different projects at Aller Media, so my workday varies a lot. One day I’m designing a login flow for an online magazine, the next day I’m working on the recipe site”

But designing has not always been Josefin’s full-time profession. A couple of years back, her days looked quite different.

“At Digitalent I saw the possibility to develop and change my path”

Josefin started working at Digitalent in April 2019. The main reason she looked for new job opportunities was that she felt stuck. She had extensive experience in consulting but sought a career change from her role as a front-end developer.

“I wanted to focus more on design, but I had a tough time getting the assignments I wanted. When I got in touch with Digitalent, I saw the possibility to develop and change my path. Switching to a new role felt much easier at Digitalent. I got the impression that I could have a greater influence over my career.”

And the pursuit of Josefin’s goals started the moment she walked into the office.

“Ever since my first day at Digitalent, we have been discussing my path towards more design-oriented roles. I have been very clear about where I want to be, and we’ve had a continuous dialogue about how I can get there.”

According to Josefin, Digitalent has played a significant role in supporting her career development.

“I’m very happy with the role I have today. I’m finally able to focus on design and UX in my work – mainly thanks to a close dialogue with Digitalent and the fact that we’ve worked towards this goal together.”

Finding your Crowd

Another factor that has played an important role in Josefin's development these last years is her Crowd. What is a Crowd, then?

At Digitalent, a Crowd is a group based on skills and expertise. Today, we have Crowds within data, front-end, back-end, design, and IT management. Each Crowd hosts a series of workshops, presentations, or coding sessions – always with a focus on learning. Within your Crowd, you also have a mentor and access to everyday support from your colleagues.

Because of her earlier work experience, Josefin started off as a member of the Front-end Crowd. But she eventually moved on to her current Crowd. And as you may have already guessed, it's all about discussing design-related matters.

“I have had significant help from the knowledge sharing in my Crowd. We discuss everything from concrete challenges to tips on new tools and software. We also tell each other about events, seminars, and websites where you can learn more and develop your design skills.”

As the Design Crowd was formed during the pandemic, most of the activities Josefin has attended have taken place online. In addition to the Crowd’s Slack channel, they have digital meetings on a regular basis. For example, there is a recurring half-hour meeting called Design Friday.

“Design Fridays are usually quite rewarding. Sometimes the meeting involves members showing stuff that they have designed or learned recently. We also exchange experiences and help each other. But we try to keep these meetings short and effective. If someone wants to discuss something further, they usually book a lunch meeting with another Crowd member.”

From junior to senior

Josefin has worked as a consultant since 2014. Experience comes with certain privileges and responsibilities, but when should a consultant really be considered as senior?

“I can't determine when I took the step role-wise, but I got the title senior consultant when I started at Digitalent. For me it means being a bit of a role model for other consultants at Digitalent – and for the people I’m working with on my assignments. A senior consultant should be able to coach others and make decisions, I think.”

Linnea Börjesson, people partner at Digitalent, remembers recruiting Josefin back in 2019:

“Our definition of a senior consultant is a colleague with solid experience and knowledge within her field of expertise. Someone who uses experience and knowledge to create value for team members and clients, who strives to keep up to date with trends within her field. A person who uses experiences and insights to create opportunities for clients and for Digitalent. Given those criteria, it was a no-brainer for us to give Josefin that title. She has vast experience in the industry and a great desire to develop both herself and others.”

So ... what’s next, Josefin?

When asked about her next step, Josefin Fröberg sounds positive and hopeful about her career development:

“I still have a close dialogue with my consultant manager. We have one-on-one meetings every month and set goals together which we follow up. We talk a lot about what I want and how I can achieve it. My aim is to take further steps in my current role, maybe becoming a lead consultant. That’s what I hope for in the future!”

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