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Digitalent was founded with the vision of creating the world's best workplace for IT consultants. For us, it is important to take responsibility when it comes to our impact on society and the environment around us. Caring and responsible business are fundamental values ​​in our business, integrated into our business strategies. As a company, we must take into account all the dimensions of a responsible business. Digitally supports the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, ILO Conventions and OECD Guidelines.

At Digitalent we take care of each other and our world. For us, it is important to create a better world, aware that the power and responsibility we have to achieve a positive impact on our employees, our industry and our world. We respect differences and allow everyone to be who they really are. We show consideration by actively engaging in several initiatives. Among other things, we participate in the Break-it Impact challenge, choose a vegetarian diet and support education both through homework help in Sweden and in schools in Zambia. We have selected some focus areas to support the global goals. Below you can read about our initiatives.

BreakIT Impact Challenge

Spring of 2019 we participated in the Breakit Impact Challenge. After surveying our impact on the environment, we have set goals and action points for how we can become more climate-smart and thus reduce our environmental impact. Some of the goals are:

  • We prefer public transport to our meetings and prioritize trains over air and car journeys
  • We have service bikes instead of service cars
  • We choose a vegetarian diet at our events and conferences
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Barn i Zambia

Kubala Girls in Zambia

Education is a human right and we believe that it is the basis for getting people to develop and grow. That's why we choose to support the Response Network in Livingston, Zambia. The project enables more children to attend school by both building their own schools and funding their school fees, school uniforms, shoes, blocks and pens. Every year we make it possible for more girls to attend school.


Kodkollo is an initiative from Digitalent to inspire more children to take an interest in technology and choose an important profession for the future. A full day for children aged 8-11 who want to try to build something digital together with our experienced developers. A number of experienced developers from Digitalent where present during the day to inspire and educate in the basics of what programming and coding means.

Barn och instruktörer på kodkollo
Personer som äter lunch

Veggie First

After charting our impact through the BreakIT Impact challenge, one of our obvious choices going forward was to always choose a vegetarian diet at our events, conferences and at internal meetings. The most climate-smart diet is vegetarian. Therefore, it can have a great effect when we replace meat with vegetarian alternatives.

Together for a better world

Digitalent participates every year in the Cancer Foundation's initiative ”Löpbandet” (The treadmill). The aim is to raise awareness of health's positive impact in the fight against cancer, and to raise money for cancer research. A further initiative is to participate in the UNICEF Stafesten every year. A relay race where SEK 125 of the registration fee for each employee goes to UNICEF.

Digitalent-konsulter som springer
Personer som deltar i läxhjälpen

We help children with homework

”Läxhjälpen” (Homework help) conducts a targeted and results-focused homework help program for students who are at risk of failing school, so that they reach upper secondary education with self-confidence for the future.

Twice a year we go together to a school in one of Stockholm's suburbs and help students between the ages of 6-18 with homework help. Our role as a homework helper is to support parents who, due to language barriers or lack of education, find it difficult to help their children with the homework they receive at school.


We are challenging an industry standard where only one fifth of all Swedish developers are female or non-binary. In 2018, 46% of Digitalent's employees were women, of which 34% of the consultants were women. This is above the industry standard, which stands at 28%. Digitalent wants to reach a diversified workplace, one of our goals is to have a representation of 50% women and men, with an even presentation between consultants and management until 2022.

Digitalents Managing Directors Lina Ullman och Jonatan Lidström
Två cyklar

Benefit bike instead of company car

At Digitalent we do not have any company cars, with us all employees are offered a benefit cycle, which is possible thanks to a collaboration with Cykloteket. In this way, we promote a climate-smart way of transporting us while motivating a more active lifestyle. In addition to bicycles, our colleagues are encouraged to travel collectively in the first place.